Over the years we have received many questions about Biertaxi Amsterdam. For example, what about my order? Do you also supply products outside your range?

If you have any questions, you can always contact with us.


In which areas do you deliver?

We originally only deliver in Amsterdam and the surrounding area. If you still want to place an order outside our area? Please contact us by phone.

I have placed an order but I want to cancel it. Is this possible?

Please contact us by phone as soon as possible to cancel your order. If you have already paid for the order, we can generate a one-time coupon code for you according to order value so that you can place an order once in the future without paying again. Of course we can also return the money to your account. Keep in mind that returns take a few working days!

My shipping method is not available, how do I place my order?

When the system indicates that the shipping method is not available, this means that you have entered a zip code in which we do not deliver originally. If you still want to place an order outside of Amsterdam and the surrounding area? Please contact us by phone.

I want to place a larger order at a discounted rate. Is this possible?

Contact us by phone to place large orders at a discounted rate!

What is the minimum age to order alcoholic products?

Nix 18: We do not sell alcoholic products to persons under the age of 18! In case of doubt, we can ask for your identification.


I am looking for a product that is not in your range. Can I make special requests?

Special requests can only be made by telephone.

Do you also supply cigarettes other than the Marlboro brand?

Yes! If you want a different brand than Marlboro, you can indicate this in the order note or contact us by phone. Of course we pass on the price difference to the customer.

General questions

I am a supplier and I would like to add my product to your range.

Please contact with us for the possibilities.

I want to take a beer tour with my friends on the beer bike. Is this possible with you?

No! We are a beer courier service with a very wide range of drinks that delivers to your front door. So we can't arrange a beer bike for you!